Building Condition Assessments

Building Condition Assessments

A Building Condition Assessment (BCA), also known as a Property Condition Assessment (PCA), allows a potential purchaser or property owner or manager to identify current and potential property deficiencies as well as understand what additional capital costs could be incurred to maintain the property. It allows purchasers to negotiate provisions for ongoing capital costs into the purchase agreement and also provides assurance to lenders that future repair/upgrade costs are included in project finances. 

Terrapex completes BCAs in accordance with the ASTM Standard E2018. The assessment includes a visual site inspection and data analyses to evaluate the condition of building systems and major components, which include the building envelope (windows and walls), structure (foundation and framing), mechanical (heating, ventilation, air condition), plumbing, electrical, and roofing. Interior areas (stairways and halls, etc.) and exterior areas (concrete walkways and asphalt parking) are also visually inspected.

Terrapex’s team of experts provide the property information clients require to make technically and financially sound business decisions before completing property transactions and for managing property assets.

Image of an old brick building and water spouts as part of a building Condition Assessment.
Image of an indoor parking garage with a few cars.
Image of a flat roof with pipes and satellite dishes.

Building Condition Assessments conducted by Terrapex typically include assessment of the following components:

  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Fire and life safety systems
  • Roofing systems
  • Building envelope components
  • Structural elements
  • Pavements and exterior features

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