Precision Monitoring

Precision Monitoring

Understanding the potential impacts of your project on the surrounding area can be vital for preventing unexpected, costly delays. Terrapex’s Geotechnical Engineering Division offers a range of services to evaluate and monitor the impact of construction activities on neighbouring properties, structures and infrastructure. These services include Vibration Assessments and Monitoring, Condition Surveys, and Settlement Monitoring and Damage Control.

Our industry-leading team of experts have developed vast experience in conducting precision settlement and ground-movement monitoring for a wide range of construction activities.

Image of precision monitoring equipment in a sturdy yellow case.
Image of a man with mask doing measurements
Image of employees conducting monitoring in suburban neighbourhood

Vibration Assessment

  • Vibration Potential Assessments
  • Zone of Influence Studies

Vibration Monitoring

  • Background and During Construction
  • Supervised Monitoring
  • Unsupervised Automated Monitoring
  • Automatic Email Alerts

Condition Surveys

  • Pre- and Post-Construction Condition Surveys of Neighbouring Buildings, Structures, Accessways and Infrastructure

Settlement Monitoring and Damage Control

  • In-ground Settlement Monitor Installations
  • Down-hole Wireline Inclinometer Installation and Logging
  • Crack Monitoring
  • Precision Survey – Total Station

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