Hydrogeological Assessments

Our hydrogeology division delivers sound science, practical experience, and regulatory insight to help you best manage groundwater. Our professional team provide decades of field work, theoretical knowledge, and project budget practicality for meeting your project requirements. 

Whenever possible we coordinate with our environmental site assessment and geotechnical teams so that drilling and monitoring wells serve multiple needs to further reduce overall costs. We are adept at integrating and coordinating seamlessly with client engineering, planning and architectural teams.

Groundwater Management and Permitting:

Permitting and managing groundwater takings and discharges in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Image of Industrial effluent exit spout.
Hydrogeological Assessments:

Desktop assessments and detailed investigations of the groundwater regime on a site-specific, local or regional basis.

Image of a hydrogeology field test in a waterway.
Water Balance and Infiltration Studies:

Studies of subsurface infiltration of excess stormwater to reduce loads on infrastructure and to minimize environmental impacts to nearby streams and wetlands.

Image of sectioned-off waterway.
Contaminant Hydrogeology:

Together with our Environmental Service Line, the hydrogeologists at Terrapex can develop an understanding of the key characteristics of the hydrogeological environment that contribute to designing an appropriate and effective remediation or risk management strategy for a contaminated site. This may include:

  • Groundwater characterization
  • Contaminant distribution
  • Contaminant migration
  • Aquifer characterization for remediation design
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Potable water sampling
  • Landfill leachate characterization and modelling
Image of waterway and obstructions.

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