Environmental Services

Terrapex’s industry-leading team of professional engineers, geoscientists, hydrogeologists, biologists and technicians offer practical, technically sound solutions for managing environmental issues in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our team will tailor their approach based on the unique requirements of each client and project, while delivering results and recommendations with integrity and transparency, and respecting confidentiality.

While Terrapex’s team of experts is prepared to handle unique environmental needs and projects, our technical services generally fall into one of the following categories:

Environmental Site Assessments:

Methodical approaches to investigating potential contamination of soil, groundwater, and sediment.
Image of Environmental Assessment team working onsite with equipment and a truck.

Contaminant Remediation:

Addressing contaminated soil, groundwater, and sediment through an expert approach to prevent unnecessary costs and project delays.
Image of a contaminated site with metal barrels

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment:

Assessment and management of potential human health and ecological risks and hazards arising from exposures or potential exposures to contaminated soil, groundwater, and sediment.

Risk Assessments are a particularly attractive option when proposed development plans will act as, or allow for, risk management measures to be incorporated into planned construction projects.

Image of young child playing in a field with construction blocks behind her.

Excess Soils Management:

Solutions for managing the reuse of excess soils that don’t break the budget.
Dump truck moving soil in the field.

Ecological Services:

Navigating the complex web of environmental legislation, regulation and natural resource management policies that govern the land use planning and development process.
Image of a Circle Hairy Woodpecker on a tree.

Contaminated Sites:

A variety of services tailored to evaluate, monitor and address contaminant discharges, spills, and leaks, whilst minimizing costs and disruption to ongoing site operations.
Image of Environmental assessment of a contaminated site.

Brownfield Redevelopment:

Comprehensive and integrated multidisciplinary services to support the redevelopment and transformation of abandoned, idle, and underutilized brownfield properties into valuable assets.
Image of old building and land slated for Brownfield redevelopment

Property Transactions:

Providing the technical expertise and practical approaches needed to assess potential environmental liabilities and facilitate a property transaction.
Red sold sign outside of a commercial property.

Decommissioning/Demolition Management:

The proper planning needed before work on contaminated sites or redeveloped properties can proceed from pre-demolition inspections to acquiring appropriate permitting.
Image of the decommissioning of an old building

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