Hydrogeological Assessments

Hydrogeological Assessments

At Terrapex, we assist clients with hydrogeological assessments ranging from desktop assessments of the groundwater regime on a regional basis, to detailed investigations through borehole drilling and monitoring well installations to assess parcels of land for future development.  Our expertise is in satisfying hydrogeological assessment requirements of municipalities and conservation authorities to permit proposed site works. In other words, we help navigate the assessment processes to keep your project running on schedule. 

A hydrogeological characterization study for a project will typically include one or more of the following components: 

  • Desktop assessment of the groundwater regime
  • Installation of monitoring wells to establish stratigraphy and water table
  • Monitoring programs to confirm seasonal water table range and pressure regime
  • Analysis of groundwater gradients and hydraulic conductivity
  • Assessment of the overall impact of the project

The Terrapex team prepares accurate measurements of water table and piezometric surfaces.

Hydrogeological Assessments, Image of field work.
Terrapex Hydrogeological assessments, Image of preliminary work
Hydrogeological Assessments, Image of workers conducting the asseessment.