Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield sites often represent real estate diamonds in the rough to both developers and municipalities. These former industrial and commercial lands are located in urban settings and are generally contaminated from previous operations, or from ongoing or historical activities on neighbouring lands. As a result, these properties remain derelict and underutilized. At Terrapex, we partner with you to provide expert consultancy support services in the planning and construction stages to help you redevelop these properties and realize their full market value.

In addition to addressing site contamination, Brownfield Redevelopment projects revitalize vacant urban core areas while reducing urban sprawl and assisting municipalities in developing/strengthening their tax base. More importantly, the successful completion of Brownfield Redevelopment projects relieves the property owner from ongoing financial burden by surfacing value from an underperforming asset.

Our Brownfield Redevelopment professionals collaborate with the stakeholders and design team to transform underutilized properties into valuable assets, where possible identifying opportunities for value engineering. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities and work to provide timely information necessary to facilitate informed decisions and allow the successful redevelopment of contaminated brownfield sites.

Image of a brownfield site through fence
Image of old building and land slated for Brownfield redevelopment
Image of old building with large windows and land slated for Brownfield redevelopment

Terrapex’s industry-leading team of engineering, geosciences and environmental specialists provide full-scale Brownfield redevelopment service in-house that includes:

  • Reviewing proposed redevelopment and environmental concerns at the property.
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) that review existing site information and complete additional subsurface investigations only as necessary to address data gaps and regulatory requirements.
  • Reviewing alternatives and identifying the most practical, cost-effective approach to address identified contaminants and redevelop the property.
  • Designing and implementing remedial work program(s) and/or risk management measure(s).
  • Coordinating with clients, legal counsel, insurance adjusters, and other stakeholders.
  • Obtaining required permits and approvals throughout the project.
  • Documenting project close-out and submitting regulatory documentation (e.g., Record of Site Condition).
  • Identification of value-engineering opportunities including the collaboration and harmonization of Terrapex’s multidisciplinary services, including: Designated Substance Surveys, Hydrogeological Studies, Ecological Services, Geotechnical Investigations, Construction Inspection and Material Testing Services

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