Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a technical evaluation of potential human health and ecological risks and hazards arising from exposures or potential exposures to contaminated soil, groundwater, and sediment.

Instead of remediating to generic provincial or federal standards/guidelines, a Risk Assessment directs remedial or risk mitigation efforts (risk management measures) only to those risks and hazards that are or are likely to be of concern, given the site-specific characteristics of the contaminated property. Risk Assessments are a particularly attractive option when proposed development plans will act as, or allow for, risk management measures to be incorporated into planned construction projects.

When remediation of the property is not financially or technically feasible, a Risk Assessment will result in the development of a contaminant management strategy that permits a property to be used as intended, despite the ongoing presence of impacted soil, groundwater, or sediment.  Risk Assessment can also be employed as a more sustainable alternative to a conventional remediation approach (e.g., excavation work programs) by permitting ongoing in-situ management of contaminants, rather than relocating impacted materials to a landfill or similar waste receiving facility.

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Terrapex has completed numerous Risk Assessments to both provincial and federal standards, allowing for the sale, purchase, or development of many contaminated properties. Our highly qualified team of Risk Assessment practitioners are also routinely retained by various levels of government to conduct technical reviews of environmental Risk Assessments.

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