Pre-Construction Condition Assessments

Pre-Construction Condition Assessments

A Pre-Construction Condition Survey is conducted visually and digital photographs are taken. Sometimes, the survey is videotaped, especially when the adjacent properties are large and of significance or historical value. Adjacent features in addition to buildings, such as sidewalks, curbs, roads and boulevards, are included in the survey.

This visual survey is compiled into a report and includes a record of existing cracks and construction anomalies through narrative descriptions with digital photography and locations of identified items along with recommendations for monitoring activities during construction. Monitoring during construction is normally recommended as a monthly review and especially during the installation of caissons, tiebacks, and foundation construction.

Pre-construction condition surveys are conducted to help mitigate risks related to any possible future claims. Don’t let adjacent properties be the cause for costly construction delays or unexpected additional costs. Let Terrapex’s team of experts help you keep surprises on your project to a minimum.

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Image of worker in safety gear and a clipboard at a pre-construction site for condition assessment.
Image of alleyway between two old houses, as part of a pre-construction condition assessment.
Image of a concrete sidewalk that may require repair.

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