Mission, Vision and Values



Terrapex will be the preferred provider of our chosen consulting services, and the preferred employer of practitioners of these services. Terrapex will set the standard to which our competition aspires.

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Terrapex will work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and to provide high-quality, professional service designed to meet those needs. We will add value to our clients’ operations, by providing practical, innovative and responsible consulting services.

As a knowledge-based business, our employees are the foundation of our success. We will develop and maintain a team of exceptional employees, and provide challenging career opportunities in which they can grow and prosper. We are committed to promoting job satisfaction and personal pride within a stimulating and enjoyable work environment.

Health and safety are paramount in every aspect of our work. Terrapex will empower all employees to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, and will provide the training and tools necessary to do so.

We value our clients’ business, and their referrals. We will invest significant resources into developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, our suppliers and our subcontractors. We will price our services competitively, and make a fair and reasonable profit.


Our business is built upon our core values of technical excellence, practical approach, personal service, integrity and respect.

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