Demetra Matthews

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Name: Demetra Matthews, P.Eng.
Title: Manager, Geotechnical Laboratory
Phone: (416) 245-0011 x 212

Demetra is the Manager of the Terrapex Soils and Concrete laboratories, as well as a Project Manager for geotechnical investigation and material testing and inspection projects. She has more than 20 years of experience effecting field and laboratory testing programs.

She is responsible for the organization of field test programs, liaison with clients, field technicians and design engineers to meet geotechnical requirements for proposed projects.

She also is responsible for the organization, management and certification of the Soils and Concrete laboratories and the personnel carrying out laboratory tests, including quality assurance measures.

Demetra has managed the field programs and prepared the reports for geotechnical investigations of sewage treatment plant sites, regional infrastructure projects, residential and commercial subdivisions, and high-rise residential developments. She has also managed the material testing and inspection services during the construction phase of these projects.

Demetra holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba. She is a member of the Canadian Geotechnical Society.