Zara Hafid

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Name: Zara Hafid
Title: Health and Safety Manger
Phone: (416) 245-0011 x 294

Zara is a certified health and safety consultant with over eight years of experience in the private and government sectors, including the environmental, mining, and construction industries. She manages Terrapex’s health and safety system, advising on standards and best industry best practices, and assisting clients with occupational health and safety and/or industrial hygiene services.

Zara is a certified lead auditor for ISO 45001, 14001 and COR internal auditor. She has experience writing and reviewing policies, procedures, and risk assessments and in contractor management. In addition, she brings a broad base of experience in implementing and auditing Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and advising on safety standards, regulations, and legislative compliance, as well as making recommendations to improve workers’ health, safety, and wellbeing.

Zara holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Laurentian University. Zara is an active member of the Ontario Municipal Health and Safety Professional’s Association, Women in Occupational Health and Safety and the International Health And Safety Knowledge Network.