Sara Legros

Name: Ms. Sara Legros
Role: Environmental Scientist / Quality Management System (QMS) Manager
Location: Burlington, Ontario

What is Terrapex’s Quality Management System?
The overall goal of the quality management system (QMS) is to provide a quality product with all deliverables – both external and internal. All tasks completed by Terrapex staff such as a client report delivered or a field sampling log follow Terrapex’s standard operating procedures. A key component of the QMS is continuous improvement. Terrapex staff are encouraged to make suggestions if they have any ideas / observations they believe will improve a process / procedure based on their experience working with it.

What are your responsibilities as the QMS manager?
I am the main contact for the company and our staff. My principal responsibilities are to receive suggestions or observations, audit completed work programs, identify areas of improvement, develop follow up actions based on the feedback received and follow up on the implementation of recommended actions.

Why is a QMS important?
Delivering the best quality work product possible is important to all our staff and reflected in our core value of “Technical Excellence”. Our staff take great pride in the work they deliver to our clients and having their name associated with it. Having a QMS in place allows us to improve the way we do things based on staff observations / feedback. Our staff know that their feedback is valued and that there is a system / process in place to act upon it.

Anything more to add on QMS?
Our QMS and continuous improvement process allows us to identify solutions to improve the way we do something and implement follow up actions to address it. That does not mean we are constantly changing what we do. Rather, we will make small revisions or “tweaks” based on staff feedback that results in a better product or improved project efficiencies.

What do you enjoy most in your role?
Anytime I get to go outside when it is not sub-zero or raining. When you have the perfect number of samples to fill out all the lines in a chain of custody form. Technician dance parties in the car on the way to/from the job site.

What other aspects of Terrapex make it a great place to work?
You are not pigeon-holed into one task and if you enjoy learning you can pursue different opportunities. The flexibility afforded – I can bank my overtime hours and sometimes people bring their dogs to the office. Finally the fall paintball session – it’s the most important team building day of the year!

Finally, what keeps you busy besides work?
Watching shows and eating snacks keeps me the busiest… but I sprinkle in a few productive activities like volunteering at the RBG, reading a good book, or hot yoga.

Image of Sarah L by waterfall